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The Epsilon Program in GTA V

Gold Medal Walkthrough

Spoiler Alert

The Epsilon Program in GTA 5 is a religious cult led by Cris Formage. Followers are known as epsilonists. They believe in the existence of some paradigms.

Michael is the only of the protagonists who can join the program. It allows to complete eight missions and earn more than $2,000,000. It’s better to do this before Lester’s Assassinations.

How to Become a Member of the Epsilon Program

Open the website using any device, click the Evaluate Your Identity banner, answer ten questions, and then click the Get Result button. You can give any answers, it won’t affect anything.

After some time, a question mark will appear on the map in the Raton Canyon. This is the starting point of the first mission.

After completing all eight missions, Michael will be able to find ten parts of the Epsilon Tract.