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100% Completion in GTA V

How to Attain 100% Completion in Grand Theft Auto V

Spoiler Alert

To attain 100% completion of the game you need to do the following:

  • complete all the story missions, heists and Lester’s assassinations;
  • complete 20 strangers and freak’s missions, which is necessary to attain 100%;
  • complete any 14 random events;
  • win a medal in all the challenges in shooting range (railgun challenges are not considered);
  • win a medal in all the street races, offroad races and sea races;
  • win at tennis;
  • play 9 holes of golf and finish even or below par;
  • win at darts;
  • get a private dance at the strip club;
  • win a medal in all the triathlons;
  • win a medal in all the flight school challenges;
  • complete all the base and heli jumps;
  • purchase any 5 properties;
  • purchase a vehicle from a website;
  • collect 50 spaceship parts;
  • collect 50 letter scraps;
  • walk and play fetch with Chop;
  • complete a booty call;
  • receive a prostitute service;
  • hold up a store;
  • complete any 25 of 50 under the bridge challenges;
  • complete any 8 of 15 knife flights challenges;
  • complete any 25 of 50 stunt jumps;
  • visit a cinema;
  • visit a bar, a cinema, the strip club and play darts with a friend.

You can check your current progress in the pause menu in the “Stats” section, or in Rockstar Social Club in the “Checklist” section.


  • an orange T-shirt with the inscription «100%» on it, look for it in Franklin’s wardrobe;
  • «Career Criminal» achievement/trophy;
  • the strangers and freaks mission «The Last One» becomes available for Franklin;
  • three UFOs appear in the sky of San Andreas.
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