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5 Media Sticks in GTA Online

Screenshots and Locations on the Map

Media Sticks are collectibles in GTA Online, added with the Los Santos Tuners update. Each of them unlocks a new mix for the Media Player in the Radio Wheel.

Media Stick #1 (Black EP) — on the mechanic’s toolbox at the LS Car Meet. Go inside on foot and run to the left from the main entrance. Video:

Media Stick #2 (Blue EP) — on the roof terrace of the Diamond Casino & Resort, the second table from the elevator. Video:

Media Stick #3 (Violet EP) — on Tony Prince’s desk in the office of any nightclub. You don’t need to have your own club, access to the office of any player’s nightclub is enough. Video:

Media Stick #4 (Green EP) — On the bar counter in any player’s Arcade. As with the nightclub, you don’t need to have your own Arcade. Video:

After collecting the first four sticks, you’ll get the Circoloco tee.

Media Stick #5 (Kenny’s Backyard Boogie) — at the LS Car Meet, in the trunk of Moodymann’s white Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire. If there’s no car, leave the LS Car Meet and enter again. Probably, you’ll have to do it several times. Gauntlet’s spawn spot is random. Video:

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