GTA Guide

Roman’s Taxi Missions

  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Roman Bellic
Unlocked by Jamaican Heat
Unavailable after Roman’s Sorrow
Necessary to Acheive 100% No
  • About $30–50
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Roman’s Taxi destroyed
  • Roman’s Taxi abandoned
  • Passenger died

Roman’s Taxi Missions are side missions in Grand Theft Auto IV that require the player to drive passengers to specific locations within a time limit for a cash reward. It’s very similar to that of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, except for the fact that you can’t use any taxi and have to call Roman for the specific taxi to carry out the missions.

After completing Jamaican Heat, Roman will call informing you that he has some fares that he would need help with, after which you can start doing these missions.

The money is inconsistent in these missions. Many factors affect it, including how fast you picked up the customer, how quickly you dropped them, and how much damage you did to Roman’s Taxi throughout the mission.

These missions are more story-specific than providing any benefit to the player. They act as an early way of making some quick buck in the game.

There are a total of ten Taxi missions that can be done. Unlike other missions in the game, these missions are not required for 100% completion.

These missions are not available and permanently disabled after the mission “Roman’s Sorrow”, even if the player has done some of them before.

Whether you want to do these missions is totally a choice, but adds as a great side mission for returning players.

How to Trigger the Missions

These missions occur in a random order for different save files hence it is not possible to determine in what order will the fares occur to the player. The passengers also don’t have a name which makes it harder to mention them, hence their dialogue is the only way of referencing them. For this mission, the dialogue of the passenger is referenced above.

To trigger this mission, you have to open your Phone, go to “Contacts”, select “Roman”, and choose “Job”. If you’re too close to Roman’s Cab Depot, he will say that no taxis are available.

If Roman doesn’t answer the phone, try to go to some distant place and call him again.

After you trigger the mission, you have to go to Roman’s Car Depot for picking up the Taxi. Next, you need to pick up pick up the customer and take him to the specified point.

Mission #1

Drive all the way to Firefly Island to pick up the customer. After that, you have to drop him at Meadow Hills. Video:

Mission #2

Pick up the lady from Hove Beach, then drop her at Steinway. Video:

Mission #3

Pick up the man from Beechwood City, then drop him at Boulevard. Video:

Mission #4

Pick up the guy from Bohan Industrial, then drop him at Fortside. Video:

Mission #5

Pick up the man from Outlook, then drop him at East Island city. Video:

Mission #6

Pick up the guy from Northern Gardens, then drop him at Cerveza Heights. Video:

Mission #7

Pick up the man from South Bohan, then drop him at Industrial. Video:

Mission #8

Pick up the guy from Cerveza Heights, then drop him at East Island City. Video:

Mission #9

Pick up the man from Outlook, then drop him at Meadow Hills station. Video:

Mission #10

Pick up the guy from Boulevard, then drop him at Schottler. Video:


  • You can kill the passengers after the mission is over to gain some extra money.