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Cheat Codes in GTA IV

PC, PlayStation, Xbox

To enter a cheat, you need to dial the corresponding phone number on Niko’s mobile phone. It will be stored in the phone and available for activation through it, without entering the number again.

Activating cheat codes blocks the some achievements/trophies, and can also have a negative impact on gameplay or cause bugs. Therefore, it’s better not to save the game after using cheats or save it in a free slot.


482-555-0100 (GTA-555-0100) — health, armor, ammo, repair vehicle, advanced weapons set.


362-555-0100 (DOC-555-0100) — health, armor, repair vehicle.


486-555-0100 (GUN-555-0100) — advanced weapons set.

Baseball Bat, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, Grenades, Rocket Launcher. Video:

486-555-0150 (GUN-555-0150) — poor weapons set.

Knife, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, Molotov Cocktail, Rocket Launcher. Video:

468-555-0100 (HOT-555-0100) — change weather.

Sequentially cycles all eight different weather conditions that exist in the game. Video:

267-555-0100 (COP-555-0100) — clear wanted level.


267-555-0150 (COP-555-0150) — raise wanted level.

+1 star per use. Maximum 4 stars if you don’t have access to the Algonquin. Maximum 5 stars if you don’t have access to all locations. Video:


359-555-0100 (FLY-555-0100) — Annihilator. Video:

227-555-0142 (CAR-555-0142) — Cognoscenti. Video:

227-555-0175 (CAR-555-0175) — Comet. Video:

227-555-0100 (CAR-555-0100) — FIB Buffalo. Video:

938-555-0100 (WET-555-0100) — Jetmax. Video:

625-555-0100 (MBK-555-0100) — NRG 900. Video:

625-555-0150 (MBK-555-0150) — Sanchez. Video:

227-555-0168 (CAR-555-0168) — Super GT. Video:

227-555-0147 (CAR-555-0147) — Turismo. Video:


  • It’s possible to get 5 stars wanted level visiting
  • You can replenish your health, armor, and ammunition while driving a Mr. Tasty van. To do this, press the horn button until the GTA IV theme plays and then call ZiT (948-555-0100). This will disable the “Finish Him” achievement/trophy.
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