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100 Action Figures in GTA Online

Screenshots and Locations on the Map

Action figures are a collectible in GTA Online, added with the Diamond Casino & Resort update. They are scattered throughout San Andreas, their locations are shown on the map below. You can track how many figures you have collected via the Inventory section of the Interaction Menu.

You can collect the figures in any order, except for #99 and #100. They will only appear after you collect the other 98.

Each collected action figure gives GTA$1000 and 1000 RP. After collecting all figures, you will be able to decorate the penthouse with them. Also, you’ll get the Impotent Rage outfit and the Impotent Rage hairstyle, as well as an additional GTA$50,000.

Figure #69 can cause difficulty. It is located in a prison watchtower. If you have an aircraft, try to land carefully o the tower and collect the figure without getting wanted stars.

If you have no aircraft, drive through the prison gate and then head right to the tower. This way, you can easily get to the figure, but it will be difficult to leave the prison territory alive.

If some figures are missing in their places, find a new session or restart the game. In some cases, you may need to contact Rockstar technical support.


  • The last two figures are Bigfoot and the Beast at Thomson Scrapyard. It is a reference to their fight in the single-player.

Action Figures’ Locations on Video

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