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Where to Find UFOs in Grand Theft Auto V

Spoiler Alert

For today, we know of two types of UFOs in GTA 5. The first type is “classic”: the familiar shape of a flying saucer, a silver hull with flashing lights and a “stealing” beam. The second type is also a flying saucer, but its design resembles a stealth aircraft.

In general, UFOs are not dangerous, but when protagonists try to approach them on aircraft, engines temporary switch off. If a protagonist tries to jump on them with a parachute, he will be thrown back. None of the flying saucers can be piloted, damaged or knocked down.

Until attaining 100% completion of the game you can see only one UFO. It’s sunk in the Pacific Ocean north of San Andreas, you can find it at the depth of 360 ft.

After attaining 100% completion, you will be able to see three more UFOs. The first is in the sky above the art installation “Beam Me Up” at the maximal height. The second is at the top of the Chiliad mountain from 3 o’clock in the morning until dawn and only in the rain. The third is high above the Fort Zancudo military base. These UFOs are not always visible, you need to get close enough to see them.

The flying saucer at the top of Mount Chiliad is unusual. When you approach it, it just disappears. Perhaps it’s a hologram or something like that.


  • The inscriptions “FIB” on the “classic” UFOs and “Segregate and Rearrange” on the “military” one may indicate the terrestrial origin of the UFOs or the cooperation of earthlings with aliens.
  • You can fly to the “military” UFO without acquiring a wanted level. To do this, you need to fly at high altitude.
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