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Bearing the Truth

The Fifth Epsilon Program’s Mission

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For The Epsilon Program
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Requirement $25,000
Unlocks Delivering the Truth
Unlocked by Chasing the Truth
Necessary to Achieve 100% No
  • No reward

Talk to Marnie at the marked point and then buy the robes at for $25,000. It will be delivered to Michael’s wardrobe within one in-game day.

To complete the mission, you need to put on the robes and wear them for 10 cumulative in-game days.

Pay Attention

Some players are faced with the problem when the robes must be worn for 10 consecutive days, not 10 cumulative days. Therefore, it’s better to go to bed 40 times in a row, get to the hospital 20 times, or devote time to finding collectibles. Avoid switching between characters and don’t do story missions or other activities, as a result of which Michael may change clothes.

Every 24 hours, there will be a notification above the radar showing how many days you have been wearing the robes. After 10 days, you will receive further instructions via a text message.

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