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How to Get the Epsilon Vehicles in GTA V

How to Get the Epsilon Vehicles in GTA V

Most of the vehicles used by the Epsilon members are uniquely colored. This color isn’t available in Los Santos Customs, so these vehicles are of collectible interest.

You can obtain any of these vehicles, except for the Bison trucks. But if you want to collect all the vehicles you need to buy a garage as Michael. To keep the helicopter and the plane, you need a helipad and hangar relatively.

The Albany Alpha sometimes can be found near the Epsilon Center and taken away freely.

The Bravado Bison is unobtainable in any way. Even if you catch it up, for example, in the “Exercising of Truth” mission, Michael will not be able to get into the car. It will also be impossible to get the cult members out of the truck.

The Ocelot F620 can be obtained without hindrance after completing the “Delivering the Truth” mission. But, if you also want to keep the plane, first read the paragraph below.

The Jobuilt Velum can be obtained by failing the “Delivering the Truth” mission. Before starting the mission, buy a hangar as Michael. During the mission, place the plane in this hangar, get into any other vehicle, and move away from the plane until the mission fails. After that, Michael will probably spawn at the terminal entrance. Get in a vehicle and drive out to your hangar. If Velum is still there, make a quick save in a free slot.

The Dundreary Landstalker will be standing at the Epsilon Сenter before the start of the “Unknowing the Truth” mission. Get a tow truck and head there, but don’t start the mission. Shoot the guard at the western entrance from a sufficient distance. The rest of the guards should run away, and you will probably get one or two wanted stars. Try to get rid of them without moving away from the Epsilon Center to prevent the Landstalker from disappearing. Then tow it to the garage in Michael’s house. Make a quick save in a free slot and load it. If everything is OK, you will be able to use the car.

The Obey Tailgater can be obtained in the same way as the Landstalker.

The Übermacht Sentinel XS can be stolen without any special tricks during the “Unknowing the Truth” mission. Do the mission as usual but do not park the Tailgater at the marked point. Instead, get out of the car, get in the Sentinel XS, and drive away until the mission fails. Choose the “Exit” option, park your car in any of your garages, and save the game.

The Rusty Tractor can be obtained in the same way as th Sentinel XS. But, since the epsilonists will attack you and the tractor is very slow, it will be much harder to do this. The tractor is not painted in the Epsilon color, and its only difference from other such tractors is the “K1FFLON1” license plate.

The Buckingham Maverick must be the last vehicle you obtain. Do the “Unknowing the Truth” mission as usual. After arriving at the marked point, first of all, shoot all the enemies in the helicopter. After completing the mission, place the helicopter on your helipad and save the game.

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