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Exercising the Truth

The Seventh Epsilon Program’s Mission

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  • Rewards
For The Epsilon Program
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Requirement Michael must wear the Epsilon robes
Unlocks Unknowing the Truth
Unlocked by Delivering the Truth
Necessary to Achieve 100% No
  • No reward

To start this mission, Michael must wear his Epsilon robes. He will need to walk 5 miles in the Grand Senora Desert.

It’s better not to go far away from the mission starting point and just run in circles till the mission end. In this case, you won’t encounter animals, police, and other threats. Also, you won’t leave the pilgrimage zone.

If you sprint non-stop, it will take about 22 minutes of real time to complete the pilgrimage.

Formally, it’s impossible to fail the mission. But if Michael leaves the desert or dies, the count will reset, and you must start over.

After the mission end, Cris will call Michael, and, after some time, the Epsilon Program sign will appear on the map. This is the starting point of the last Epsilon mission.

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