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Epsilon Tract

Screenshots and Locations of All 10 Parts on the Map

Spoiler Alert

This collection challenge becomes available after completing the “Unknowing the Truth” mission, regardless of whether you stole the cult’s money or not.

It’s only possible to collect parts in a fixed order. Any protagonist can do this, although only Michael will receive hints from Marnie.

When looking for the second part, it’s better to use diving gear, which is provided by Dinghy boats. One of these boats can be found at the docks of Elysian Island.

To collect the ninth part, you need a helicopter. The nearest helicopter spawn locations are the roof of the Central Los Santos Medical Center in Strawberry and the Vespucci Helipad.

The only reward for collecting all the parts is a link to the tract from Marnie. It doesn’t bring money or other benefits. Also, you don’t need to collect the tract to achieve 100% completion of the game.


  • An email with a link from Marnie is the only way to read the tract. If you delete this email, you will lose access to the tract.


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