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Nightclub Warehouse Management in GTA Online

Warehouse management is realized through the corresponding section of the Nightclub app. There are seven types of goods in total:

  • Cargo and Shipments — CEO Office Warehouse or Smuggler’s Hangar;
  • Sporting Goods — Gunrunning Bunker;
  • South American Imports — M/C Cocaine Lockup;
  • Pharmaceutical Research — M/C Methamphetamine Lab;
  • Organic Produce — M/C Weed Farm;
  • Printing & Copying — M/C Document Forgery Office;
  • Cash Creation — M/C Counterfeit Cash Factory.

Warehouse stocks are replenished by technicians. To assign a technician, you must have a business of one of the areas listed above, and it must be running.

Initially, one technician is available, but you can hire four more:

  • technician 2 — GTA$141,000;
  • technician 3 — GTA$184,500;
  • technician 4 — GTA$240,500;
  • technician 5 — GTA$312,000.

All technicians work equally and can accrue only one type of goods at a time. You can assign and reassign them without restrictions, at any time and without additional charges.

Unlike other businesses in GTA Online, here you don’t need to do resupply missions. Technicians fill the warehouse completely independently, and they do it in any type of session.

While goods are accumulating in the nightclub warehouse, it is possible to resupply your other businesses and sell their goods. The nightclub warehouse works independently and does not affect the stock of supplies and products at other businesses.

Warehouse capacity depends on the number of acquired floors, and production rate depends on the warehouse upgrade purchased.

Goods Crate value, GTA$ Storage capacity per floor Maximum storage capacity (5 floors) Production rate per crate*
Cargo and Shipments 10,000 10 50 1 hour 10 minutes
Sporting Goods 5,000 20 100 40 minutes
South American Imports 27,000 2 10 2 hours
Pharmaceutical Research 11,475 4 20 1 hour
Organic Produce 2,025 16 80 20 minutes
Printing & Copying 1,350 12 60 15 minutes
Cash Creation 4,725 8 40 30 minutes

*Real time, without the warehouse upgrade. If you have the warehouse upgrade, the production rate doubles.

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