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DJs in GTA Online

Who Сan Play in Nightclubs

Nightclubs owners in GTA Online can hire one of four DJs: Solomun, duo Tale of Us, Dixon, or The Black Madonna. Hiring a DJ is necessary for the nightclub functioning.

To hire a DJ, use one of the computers in the nightclub. If you hire one for the first time, you need to pay GTA$100,000 and perform a special mission in the Freemode. Switching back to a previously booked DJ costs $10,000 and doesn’t require performing of a mission.

Initially, only Solomun was available from July 24 to July 31, 2018. Player was automatically sent to collect him after collecting the nightclub staff and stealing the nightclub equipment. It was not required to pay GTA$100,000. Then, every week a new DJ became available. All four are currently available.