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Nightclub Upgrades in GTA Online

This article describes the upgrades purchased with the nightclub app. Customization is described in the article on buying and setting up a club.

There are three upgrades available: equipment, staff, and security.

Pay attention: you will lose these upgrades if you buy another nightclub.

Equipment — GTA$1,425,000

Doubles the productivity of the warehouse technicians. Adds computers to the warehouse floors and decorative monitors throughout the club and basement levels.

Staff — GTA$475,000

Halves the daily popularity loss of the club. Adds additional bouncers to the club and one extra barmaid to each bar.

Security — GTA$695,000

Halves the frequency of police raids. Prevents raids when the warehouse is less than 40% full (20% without improvement). Adds a gun locker to the office.

Decorative changes:

  • security camera monitors on the player’s desk;
  • weapons throughout the office and basement;
  • security guards in the basement levels.

Is it Worth Buying?

The equipment and staff upgrades — definitely yes. The security upgrade — not necessarily.

The equipment upgrade doubles illegal income from the nightclub and pays off quickly enough. The staff upgrade makes the management of the club’s legal activities less burdensome and also pays off in a reasonable amount of time.

The security upgrade is useful only if you manage your club extremely rarely and spend a lot of time registered as VIP, CEO, or MC president. Otherwise, the raids will occur very rarely even without this upgrade.

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