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Nightclub Management in GTA Online

Nightclub Management in GTA Online

The management of the legitimate part of the club business comes down to performing of the promotion missions. These missions increase the popularity of the club and bring some GTA$ and RP.

Most of them can be started with the nightclub app. When you press the “Promote Club” button in the “Nightclub Management” section, a random mission from Tony or Lazlow starts. They can be performed no more than once every five minutes.

From time to time, English Dave will call you and offer to complete various requests of DJs. You can accept or decline his offers. If you agree and complete the mission, you’ll get 2000 RP, and the popularity of the club will grow.

Sometimes Lazlo will report that the club has been robbed. You need to find the robbers, recover the property, and get it back to the club. These missions start automatically, and you can’t decline them.

When other players promote their clubs, you receive messages with instructions on how to hinder them. When you succeed in it, the popularity of your club grows. If you don’t want other players to hinder you, don’t promote your club in public sessions.

Nightclub popularity affects its daily income:

  • 0–9% — GTA$100;
  • 10–14% — GTA$250;
  • 15–19% — GTA$500;
  • 20–24% — GTA$750;
  • 25–29% — GTA$1000;
  • 30–34% — GTA$1500;
  • 35–39% — GTA$2000;
  • 40–44% — GTA$2500;
  • 45–49% — GTA$3000;
  • 50–54% — GTA$3500;
  • 55–59% — GTA$4000;
  • 60–64% — GTA$4500;
  • 65–69% — GTA$5000;
  • 70–74% — GTA$5500;
  • 75–79% — GTA$6000;
  • 80–84% — GTA$7000;
  • 85–89% — GTA$8000;
  • 90–94% — GTA$9000;
  • 95–100% — GTA$10,000.
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