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Franklin and Lamar

Gold Medal Walkthrough

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Gold Medal Objectives
  • Conditions of Failure
For Simeon Yetarian
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Unlocks Reposession, barbers, Ammu-Nation
Unlocked by Prologue
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • ­Welcome to Los Santos achievement/trophy
  • $250
  • Not a Scratch
    Deliver the repossessed car with minimal damage.
    • Drive carefully and not too fast.
    • Use Franklin's special ability to avoid collisions.
  • Focused Driver
    Use Franklin's special ability for 7 seconds.
    • If you're not sure you used special-ability enough during the chases, on the way home from the dealership you can get the missing time.
  • Winner
    Win the race against Lamar.
    • Before entering the Union Depository, there will be two tunnels. Lamar drives through the right tunnel. Drive through the left tunnel and use Franklin’s special ability to pass him.
    • Before entering the tunnels overtaking of Lamar has no sense.
  • We Come in Peace
    Avoid hitting any aliens in the movie studio.
    • Use Franklin's special ability.
    • Slow down when driving through the studio.
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • ­Lamar is dead
  • ­Simeon is dead
  • ­Jimmy is dead
  • Franklin fell far behind Lamar
  • ­Deal is disrupted
  • Car destroyed
  • ­Car abandoned
  • A vehicle is driven into the dealership
  • Cops are led to the dealership
  • One of the cars is damaged before entering the cars in the beginning

After the end of the cutscene follow Lamar and choose one of the two cars. Your choice will not affect the course of the mission, but the red car (Rapid GT) is easier to drive. You’ll also see a little gameplay innovation: now the player can raising and lowering the roofs of convertibles.

If it’s a first time when you play GTA V you may find that both cars’ steering is unusual. So don’t try to chase Lamar on the limit. Time to the mission is not limited, but you can’t seriously damage the car if you want the gold medal.

Franklin’s special ability will help you: press both sticks (or Caps Lock on PC by default) to activate it. Time will go slower, the car will go faster and be better controlled. It will help to avoid collisions in critical situations and catch up Lamar if you lose him.

Reserve of the special ability marked yellow stripe under the radar. To restore it, you can drive at high speed, drift and drive on the wrong side of the road.

To get the gold medal you must use Franklin’s special ability at least 7 seconds. A suitable place for this — the movie studio as well as the tunnel at the end of the race with Lamar. Driving through the studio try to not hit people in suits of aliens, because you can lose the gold medal otherwise.

After some time after leaving the studio, you go along Vespucci Boulevard. Pay attention to the tips about driving a car in the air. Take advantage of them, or after landing, the front bumper can be damaged. This skills will be helpful during the whole game.

The tunnel, which was discussed above, it’s the right place to win the race with Lamar (the last condition to get the gold medal). You better have a fully charged special ability at the entrance to the tunnel. Activate it directly at the entrance and don’t disable before a cutscene started. Don’t brake at the end of the tunnel before the turn.

Now you need to lose the cops. It will be pretty easy because you’ll get only two wanted stars.

Wanted Level in GTA V

Unlike previous GTA-games, Grand Theft Auto V features a five-star wanted level scale rather than six. And instead, search radius the police will search you across the map. Each police unit has its own field of view in which you shouldn’t fall into.

Your aim is to escape from persecution (the radar stops flashing red and blue) and then don’t get caught the eye of the police for some time. You can hide in an alley, under a bridge, in a yard, or any other deserted place.

As soon as your wanted level will be removed, take the car back to Simeon’s dealership. The yellow route on the radar leads to it.

Get out of the car, go to the showroom and watch the cutscene. Afterward get into Franklin’s white Buffalo S. Wait for Lamar and go to Franklin’s house.

Protagonists’ Cars in GTA V

Each playable character has their own unique vehicle. Don’t be afraid to abandon it, break up, drown, blow up or destroy in any other way. After some time, it will be safe and sound at the house of the protagonist or somewhere else.

After the review of Franklin’s house, the mission will be completed. If you didn’t get the gold medal on the first try, you don’t need to start again with loading a save. You can replay the mission through the game menu at any time when the protagonist is not engaged in any activity. In addition, there is not necessary to fulfill all the requirements at a stretch.


  • Franklin’s Special ability cannot be used until the tutorial prompt tells the player how to activate it.
  • Franklin’s wanted level is capped at two stars during the mission.
  • If at the beginning of the mission the player stays at the house after getting in the car, the car’s owner will try to get Franklin out of the car and beat him.

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