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Gold Medal Walkthrough

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Gold Medal Objectives
  • Conditions of Failure
For Devin Weston
Protagonists Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips
Unlocks Caida Libre
Unlocked by I Fought The Law...
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • No reward
  • Not a Scratch
    Deliver the Z-Type with no damage.
  • Eavesdropper
    Listen to 3 conversations.
  • I See You
    Find Chad's hiding place on the 1st attempt.
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Cops are alerted
  • The helicopter destroyed
  • Z-Type abandoned
  • Z-Type destroyed
  • Devin’s plane damaged
  • People in Devin’s hangar got hurt

You can start this mission as Franklin or Trevor. In Trevor’s case, you need to pick up a helicopter from the roof of a police station and then go in El Burro Heights. If you start the mission as Franklin, you won’t need to pick up a helicopter.

The helicopter is equipped with a special device that allows identifying people at a distance using their driver licenses. Point the camera at Franklin to try it in action.

When the helicopter is above the first group of people, point the camera at them, and hold R1 on PlayStation, RB on Xbox or right mouse button on PC to overhear the conversation. To get the gold medal, you need to overhear at least three conversations.

After you scan all the people in the first group, the helicopter will head to the next one. In it, you will find your target — Chad Mulligan. Watch him until he meets Franklin and tries to escape.

Now you need to not lose sight of the Z-Type until it hides in a Multi-storey Car Park.

The helicopter will hang near the garage, and thermal vision will become available. To activate it, press “Right” on the D-Pad or “E” on the keyboard. Now you need to fulfill the second objective for obtaining the gold medal — I see you.As soon as Trevor and Franklin’s dialogue ends, aim the camera at the leftmost silhouette in the garage. This is Chad, he sits in the car and looks around sometimes. Zoom in on him, and the game will switch you to Franklin. Do not zoom in on the silhouettes of other people or you will not get the gold medal.

Knock out or kill Chad. If you don’t do this, you will get two wanted stars later.

Get in the Z-Type and deliver it to the airport. The last condition for getting the gold medal is not to damage the car on the way. Unlike, for example, the Franklin and Lamar mission, where light damages were permissible, there should not be a scratch on the car here.

Leave the Z-Type in the marked spot, leave the airport and the mission will be completed.


  • This mission and Pack Man are the only moments of the appearance of the Z-Type in the game unless you buy it at the Legendary Motorsport website for $10 million.
  • During the mission, Trevor promises the pilot to throw him out of the helicopter. If you switch to Trevor right after the end of the mission, you can make sure that he kept his promise. The helicopter can be stored at the Sandy Shores airfield.

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