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The Multi Target Assassination

Gold Medal Walkthrough and Stock Tips

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Gold Medal Objectives
  • Conditions of Failure
For Lester Crest
Protagonist Franklin Cinton
Unlocks The Vice Assassination
Unlocked by The Hotel Assassination
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • $7000
  • Speedy Killer
    Kill all targets as quickly as possible.
    • It’s not quite clear what that means. But, if you follow the recommendations in the article, you’ll get the gold medal.
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Time runs out

Warning! Don’t start this mission until completion of the last story mission and don’t forget to save the game before performing it.

You’ll need a sniper rifle, preferably with a suppressor, as well as a fast car or motorbike, because you’ll have only nine minutes to complete this mission.

Shares Purchase Before the Mission

Invest all the money of all three protagonists in Debonaire shares. To do it, open the web browser on your phone or another device, click on “Money and Services”, next click on LCN, go to “Markets”, find Debonaire (DEB) in the list and buy as many shares as you can. It’s advisable to keep a few thousand dollars for taxi services and other small expenses.

Then switch to the two other protagonists and do the same. After that, you are ready to start the mission.

Stock Exchanges in GTA V

There are two of them — LCN and BAWSAQ. Like most stock exchanges in the real world, they are closed on weekends. It’s possible to buy and sell shares on Saturday and Sunday, but their price will not change until Monday.

You need to be online to use BAWSAQ. If it’s not available, postpone the assassination and try again in a few hours of real-time.


To get the gold medal, you need to “Kill all targets as quickly as possible”. It’s not quite clear what that means. But, if you follow the recommendations in the article, you’ll get the gold medal.

Warning! Don’t stay in the places where you eliminating the targets in order to reduce the chances of rising the wanted level.

Head to the first juror. He is a bodybuilder in the gym in Vespucci Beach, don’t get too close to him. Stop near the house where Floyd lived, and shoot him with a sniper rifle.

Almost immediately, you will receive a message from Lester with the coordinates of the next target. Get to the specified point and shoot the second juror on a sailboat. If you accidentally kill the girl who is hanging out with him, it will not raise the wanted level.

The third juror is on the window cleaning platform on the Eclipse Medical Tower in West Vinewood. Snipe him or shoot one of the window elevator cables.

The fourth and last juror is a man on a sportbike on the mountain road. He starts driving when you are about 500 ft (150 m) from him. Activate Franklin’s special ability and hit him with a car at high speed or shoot him. After that, Franklin calls Lester, and the mission completes.

An alternative. If you have enough flying skill, you can use a Buzzard Attack Chopper and eliminate the targets with homing missiles. Read how to get this helicopter for free in our article “How to Get a Buzzard for Free”.

Shares Sale and Purchase After the Mission

The Debonaire shares that you bought before the mission will grow by about 60% within a couple in-game hours. Make sure that the growth of shares reached about 60% and sell them. To do this, go to the LCN or BAWSAQ website, select the “My Portfolio” section and click the “Sell All” button.

Then buy the shares of Redwood (RWC) on the LCN website. They, in turn, will grow by about 300% in 48–96 in-game hours, after which they’ll also need to be sold. Don’t forget to buy and sell shares of all three protagonists.

Note: data on the change of the share prices are relevant for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. On PS3 and Xbox 360, you can earn more. The game updates can also affect the state of affairs.


  • It’s not necessary to go to bed several times to advance the time while you holding the shares. You can, for example, participate in some miscellaneous activities.

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