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Endings in GTA V

Gold Medal Walkthrough

Spoiler Alert

If you choose to kill Trevor, the mission “Something Sensible” starts. During the mission, Trevor will be killed and you will not be able to rectify this otherwise than loading a save. Trevor’s cut from the last heist will be split between Franklin and Michael.

If you choose to kill Michael, the mission “The Time’s Come” starts. During the mission, Michael will be killed and, as in the case of Trevor, he will not recover in a hospital and will not be available as a playable character. Michael’s cut from the last heist will be given to his family.

If you choose the option “Deathwish”, the long and eventful mission, which followed by a happy ending of the story line, will start. This is the only correct decision, because:

  • all the protagonists will remain alive, which means that all missions and activities will be available;
  • there will be no restrictions on hanging out with friends;
  • “Something Sensible” and “The Time’s Come” will be available to “replay” via the “Replay Mission” section of the pause menu. Michael and Trevor will remain alive in the main campaign in this case.