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Repo — Blow Up IV

Walkthrough of the Simeon’s Repo Mission

  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Simeon Yetarian
Players 1–4
Required level 1
  • GTA$ & RP, the exact amount depends on several factors
  • 15 JP
  • The team ran out of lives
  • The team escaped the shootout

In this mission, you will need to fend off a large number of well-armed enemies. Therefore, if you have an armored car, use it.

Go to the warehouse. Do not drive too close to the entrance, because in this case, your vehicle will disappear afterwards. Park it approximately as shown in the screenshot.

In the warehouse, you need to destroy several sports cars and then four more special vehicles in the basement. There are jerry cans there, but cars can be destroyed in any way.

When all the vehicles are destroyed, leave the warehouse, and get ready to repel the attack. If you arrived on a mission in an armored vehicle, immediately get into it, and then begin to eliminate enemies. If not, take cover behind the boxes and shoot the enemies until the message stating to leave the area appears on the screen. Do this, and the mission will be completed.

Video walkthrough:

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