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Targeted Data

Walkthrough of the Third Client Job in GTA Online

  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Paige Harris
Players 1+
Required level 1
Required equipment Terrorbyte with a Drone Station
  • From GTA$30,000
  • From 2000 RP
  • Time runs out
  • The target eliminated by a player who isn't in your organization or motorcycle club

In this mission you need to park the Terrorbyte near the Lifeinvader office, so don’t start this job more than half a mile afar of it. Also, don’t try to begin too close to the office because in this case, you won’t be able to start the mission.

When you get to the office, go to the nerve center and run the drone. If you perform the mission with other players, one of them can launch the second drone. You need to infiltrate the building and hack two laptops using them.

While flying the drone, stay away from the walls, floor, ceiling, and any objects. Otherwise, it will break. You can get into the building through two entrances, the laptops are on the top floor. The drones will not be spotted by the cameras or guards.

Hacking the laptops is similar to hacking the terminal in the Bureau Raid: you need to find the specified IP in the grid in one minute.

Once both laptops are hacked, the location of the target reveals on the map. It’s not necessary to go there by the Terrorbyte, you can use any vehicle. After the target eliminated, the mission ends. Eliminating of the target’s guards isn’t necessary.


  • Using drones isn’t necessary. But if you enter the building on foot, the guards will attack you, and you’ll get two wanted stars.

Video walkthrough:

The mission accomplished by two players. Thanks to Eugene for help.

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