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Walkthrough of the Fifth Client Job in GTA Online

  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Paige Harris
Players 2+
Required level 1
Required equipment Terrorbyte
  • From GTA$10,000
  • From 800 RP
  • Time runs out

This client job, as well as Deal Breaker, brings in about three times less money than the other four client jobs. At the same time, it’s more difficult and requires at least two players.

After starting the mission, press “Right” on the D-Pad or “E” on the keyboard by default to see the security vans on the map. The markers disappear almost immediately, and you need to wait 20 seconds to display them again. You can use any vehicle, Terrorbyte is only needed to start the mission.

Two security vans move, the third one stands still guarded by two men. You need to blow up the doors of the vans or shoot a lock on them, and then pick up antiques. There are only 10 minutes to perform the mission, so your team needs to split up.

At the moment when the second van is attacked, all team members will get two wanted stars. They need to get rid of them and deliver antiques to the specified point, after which the mission will be completed.

Video walkthrough:

Thanks to Mitch_Rajah for help.

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