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Data Sweep

Walkthrough of the Second Client Job in GTA Online

  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Paige Harris
Players 1+
Required level 1
Required equipment Terrorbyte
  • From GTA$30,000
  • From 2000 RP
  • Time runs out
  • The vehicle that carried the drives destroyed
  • The drives delivered by a player who isn't in your organization or motorcycle club

In this mission, you need to find the data drives in one of four target vehicles. Three of them are armored Enus Cognoscenti, Benefactor Schafter LWB, or Gallivanter Baller LE LWB which driving around the state. The fourth vehicle is the Vapid Speedo van which stands still. The data drives can be in any of these four vehicles. If you have other players in your crew, split up and check the cars separately.

It’s best to perform this mission using armored vehicles, such as Kuruma or Duke O’Death. Terrorbyte is only needed to start the mission.

When you approach one of the target vehilces, run the SecuroServ Hack app on your phone. The hacking takes some time during which you need to stay close to a target vehicle.

Your actions will not go unnoticed. The driver will drive faster, and the passenger will start to fire at you. If you are driving an armored car, just stay close to a target vehicle until the end of the hacking. If not, try to shoot the driver and the passenger but don’t destroy the car.

A parked van is guarded by three armed men, which can be hit by a car or eliminated in any other convenient way.

If the data drives are in a hacked car, you need to hijack it and delivered to the location marked on the map. Prevent the target vehicle from being destroyed. Otherwise, the mission will fail.

Note that you can’t get into the target vehicles until they hacked. But if you hacked the first three and there were no drives, you can hijack the last vehicle without using the hacking app.

Video walkthrough:

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