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Rampage 4: Military

Gold Medal Walkthrough of the Fourth Rampage in Grand Theft Auto V

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Gold Medal Objectives
  • Conditions of Failure
Protagonist Trevor Philips
Weapons Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle, 25 grenades
Unlocks Rampage 5: Hipsters
Unlocked by Rampage 3: Ballas
Necessary to Achieve 100% No
  • No reward
  • Eliminate 45 enemies.
  • Get 6 headshots.
  • Destroy 2 tanks.
  • Wasted
  • Less than 35 enemies eliminated

In this rampage, unlike all the others, you can use three types of weapons: a grenade launcher, an assault rifle, and grenades.

Before starting the rampage, ensure that Trevor wears a body armor. It’s best to stay near the starting point. Tanks are very dangerous in this mission. Take cover behind a memorial or a wall behind it and use the special ability when the tanks are firing.

Enemies will arrive on the road from both directions, as well as from the fort side. The grenade launcher works well against the soldiers on cars, and its use against groups of unmounted soldiers is also effective. Against single foot soldiers, it’s best to use an assault rifle, at the same time you can get 6 headshots for the gold medal. Tanks are best to be destroyed with a few shots from a grenade launcher, to obtain the gold medal you must destroy at least two of them.


  • You will not be able to seize tanks attacking you during this rampage mission.

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