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Rampages in GTA V

Rampages in GTA V

Gold Medal Walkthrough of All Rampages in Grand Theft Auto V

Spoiler Alert

Rampages are a series of 5 missions in which Trevor must kill a certain number of enemies. The first mission will be available after Trevor Phillips Industries and marked on the map with a question mark. In the future, rampages will be marked on the map with orange skulls.

To start a rampage, you need to walk to the designated men. Then there will be a cutscene, during which Trevor will become enraged, and the mission will begin.

Each rampage, except the fourth, lasts two minutes. To successfully complete it, you need to kill a certain number of enemies. Also, each mission has the conditions for obtaining a gold medal.

Trevor throughout the mission will always be in a rage. However, special ability can still be used: in this case, the effect of double rage comes.

In each rampage mission, you have a weapon with infinite ammunition (in the fourth rampage — two weapons), as well as 25 grenades. Any other weapon can not be used.

Each fifth kill is accompanied by a special cry from the defeated enemy, and every headshot is accompanied by a guitar riff. It helps count kills and headshots to fulfill mission conditions.

During the rampage, you don’t gain a wanted level. The main thing — don’t kill the runaway enemies after the end of the mission. They are no longer dangerous, but you can attract police attention.

Completing all rampages unlocks the “Red Mist” achievement, but it isn’t necessary to get 100% in the statistics.

If you could not get a gold medal on the first try it’s okay. These missions can be replayed through the pause menu. Also after completing all 5 rampages the skulls will appear on the map again. The missions will be the same as the first time.


  • Rampage missions are present in all GTA, except for GTA 4, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. In GTA and GTA 2, as well as in GTA London 1961 and in GTA London 1969, such missions are called “Kill Frenzy”.
  • Wails that you can hear after every fifth kill, can also be heard in Undead Nightmare, the DLC to Red Dead Redemption.
  • If the weapon that is used in the rampage equipped with a silencer, it disappears for the duration of the mission. But in the initial cutscenes, the silencer will be present.