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Nervous Ron

Gold Medal Walkthrough

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Gold Medal Objectives
  • Conditions of Failure
For Trevor Philips
Protagonist Trevor Philips
Unlocks Crystal Maze, Target Practice, Sniper Rifle at Ammu-Nation, new customization options at Los Santos Customs, properties to buy
Unlocked by Mr. Philips
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • Aircraft hangar and helipad available at Sandy Shores Airfield for Trevor
  • $62,680
  • Headshots
    Kill 5 enemies with a headshot.
    • It’s easy as Ron will succumb.
  • Time
    Complete within 12:30.
    • Skip the cutscenes.
  • Nervous Twitch
    Win the race against Ron.
    • Skip cutscenes.
  • 6 Bridges, 1 Plane
    Fly under any 6 bridges found along the flight path.
    • Fly only under the bridges that are shown in the screenshots.
  • Death on a Wing
    Kill all bikers whilst lying on the plane wing.
    • This applies only to shooting when Trevor lies on the wing of Ron’s plane. When you get controls of your plane, you can pay no attention to bikers.
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Ron dies
  • The Lost are alerted before Ron plants the bomb
  • Any of the Cuban 800 destroyed
  • Trevor’s ATV destroyed
  • Ron’s ATV destroyed
  • Trevor’s ATV stucks

Skip the cutscene, get onto the red ATV and go to the local Ammu-Nation. On the way, you can pick up a bulletproof vest next to the clinic. Use shortcuts whenever possible, the time for getting the gold medal is limited to twelve and a half minutes.

In Ammu-Nation, buy a sniper rifle with a suppressor and an advanced scope. You don’t have to pay because Trevor will force the seller to gift the weapon. If you don’t have a body armor, buy a super heavy one for $2500.

Get onto the ATV and go to Ron, he’s waiting on the water tower. Climb the ladder and take a sniper position.

Focus the sniper scope on Ron when he will get off the ATV.

Next, pay attention to the ladder of the control tower, a biker will come to it. Carefully aim and shoot him in the head. To get the gold medal, you need to get 5 headshots.

Then, destroy two lamps on the control tower.

After a while, you will notice an approaching van. Wait until he stops and the driver gets out, and then shoot him in the head.

Then immediately aim at the control tower and shoot the head of another enemy. After that, at the foot of the control tower, there will be another biker, about where you shot the very first one. Kill him as soon as possible. Shoot in any part of the body, if you don’t have time to aim at the head.

Again, aim at the control tower. Where you previously shot a biker, another one will appear. He has to be eliminated before he notices the body and raises the alarm.

Point your rifle at Ron and then immediately onto the white gas tank. A biker will emerge from the building next to it, shoot him in the head. Almost right after the first one, there will appear a second biker, shoot him as quickly as possible.

Ron will plant the bomb, and for the meantime, a biker on a motorcycle will appear. Kill him, it’s easy to get a headshot when he stops. Now you have 5 headshots required to get the gold medal.

A helicopter will appear in the sky and you will need to shoot the pilot. Then skip the cutscene and go to Ron. At the airstrip there will be many bikers, you can shoot them straight from the ATV or dismount and take cover.

When Ron starts the engines of the plane, run up to it and Trevor will take a firing position on the wing. You will be automatically switched to an assault rifle, even if you don’t have one in your inventory.

During the movement on the airstrip, try to notice the emerging bikers as soon as possible and shoot them. You can undermine the fuel truck with shots or with the bomb planted by Ron — for this press “Left” on the gamepad or “G” on the keyboard. The effect will be the same in both cases. It’s better to shoot arriving vans from afar, they explode from a small number of hits. To get the gold medal you need to kill all the bikers on the airstrip while lying on the wing of the aircraft.

Skip the cutscene. When you get control of the airplane, follow the prompts on the screen to take off. It’s not necessary to get off the biker from the wing, he will not cause any problems and will fall itself.

Then fly above the river. To obtain the gold medal, you need to fly under any six bridges. The first three are shown in the screenshots below.

Now follow Ron at low altitude. Drop the cargo in the designated zone, for this press “A” on Xbox, “Cross” on PlayStation or Space on PC.

Now it’s time to race Ron to the airstrip, you need to win to get the gold medal. It’s easy as Ron will succumb. Again, fly over the river and under three more bridges, they are shown in the screenshots below. It’s dangerous to fly under other bridges, especially if now you are flying the aircraft for the first time in GTA 5.

Land by following the prompts on the screen, and taxi the airplane into the hangar. After that, the mission will be completed.


  • In fact, it’s not necessary to fly at low altitude to hide from military radar. Even if you will fly high, nothing will happen.

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