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Mr. Philips

Gold Medal Walkthrough

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Gold Medal Objectives
  • Conditions of Failure
For Trevor Philips
Protagonist Trevor Philips
Unlocks Trevor Philips Industries, Nervous Ron, tattoo parlors, offroad races, Stock Car Racing (enhanced version only), Trevor Philips and Ron Jakowski as Director Mode characters
Locks Simeon Yetarian
Unlocked by The Jewel Store Job
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • No reward
  • No Survivors
    Kill all fleeing bikers.
  • Headshots
    Get 12 headshots.
    • It’s easy to do with a shotgun.
  • Time
    Complete within 12:00.
    • Skip all cutscenes (optional).
  • Trailer Trashed
    Cause $5,000 damage to Ortega's trailer.
    • Ensure that you’ve pulled the trailer into the water completely.
  • Lost and Damned
    Kill Terry and Clay during the chase.
    • As soon as you start chasing after bikers in the beginning of the mission, shoot those that are riding on motorcycles.
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Ron dies
  • Wade dies
  • The Lost escapes
  • Bodhi destroyed
  • Trevor left the trailer park

Skip the cutscene, get in the car, wait for Ron and Wade and then follow the route on the radar.

When you reach the marked point, skip the cutscene and tailgate the bikers. The ones that ride motorcycles are Terry and Clay. To get the gold medal, they must be killed during the chase. Bikers are not moving fast and rarely make sharp maneuvers, so they can simply be shot from the moving car.

Continue to chase the van and don’t try to destroy it. Along the way, there will be an opportunity to perform a unique jump.

When you reach the trailer park, get out of the car and arm the shotgun. Remember that to get the gold medal you need to get 12 headshots. Also, pay attention to gas tanks next to the trailers — they can be blown up by shots.

Go along the left road, taking cover when possible. Bikers will attack from the front and from the right. In the trailer park there are first aid kits, and in one of the trailers, there is a body armor.

When you get to the turn and eliminate all the bikers in the zone of visibility, move into the center of the trailer park. Continue to eliminate the bikers. When there will be four of them remaining, the red dots on the radar will start blinking blue. This means that it’s time to fulfill the most difficult condition for getting the gold medal throughout the whole game — “No Survivors”.

Escaping bikers can be spared, this will not lead to the failure of the mission. But to get the gold medal, activate the special ability and try to eliminate them as soon as possible because they can run too far very quickly. If you will be lucky, they all will run towards the lake — there are many obstacles that can detain them, and the terrain is well exposed to fire.

Fulfilling this requirement is easier if you replay the mission through the pause menu in the later stages of the game. Maximized Trevor’s skills and the best weapons with all modifications will simplify the task.

When finished with the bikers, get back in the car and drive to the destination. Skip the cutscene. Pull the trailer into the water completely to fulfill the “Trailer Trashed” condition. Skip the cutscene and kill Ortega. He can also be spared, but then he will still have to be killed in the “Trevor Phillips Industries” mission, so it’s not advisable.

It remains only to take Ron to his trailer and the mission will be completed.


  • Michael and Franklin are laying low after the Jewel Store Job. It will be possible to play as them only after completion of the story mission “Friends Reunited”.
  • The episode of Johnny Klebitz’s death can be a reference to the 2011 film, “Drive”.
  • This is one of the few missions where you can watch all cutscenes and keep in time to get the gold medal at the same time.

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