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Search and Delete

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Brucie Kibbutz
Unlocks Easy as Can Be
Unlocked by Rigged to Blow
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • $3,500
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Lyle got away

Having a mini-gun is recommended for this mission. Get it from one of the guns stores. After the cutscene, you will be out of Brucie’s garage. Now, bring up your phone, press 9-1-1, and call. Once the call is lifted press 1 and end the call. This will force cops to spawn in a vehicle near you. Once one of the cops exits the vehicle, immediately hijack it. This will get a 1-star wanted level on you, but it is easy to escape it if you drive carefully. Follow the route shown in the video, and it will be easy to escape the wanted level.

How to Use Your Phone

To open up your phone and numpad, press the “Up” button twice on PC or D-Pad Up twice on Xbox or PS3. You can use your keyboard number buttons to type numbers directly on PC and will have to use the D-Pad to scroll to each number with a controller. To end a call, press B or Circle on Xbox or PS3 respectively and the “Backspace” button on the keyboard or the RMB button on PC.

After you escape the cops, Brucie will call you to use the computer. Press E on PC, LB, and L1 on Xbox and PS3 respectively to access the computer. Then, go to Search Police Records > Search By Name, enter “LYLE”, and press Enter on PC, A on Xbox, and Cross on PS3. Then press Enter again to locate him. You will get his location added to the radar/mini-map. Then press B, Circle, Escape on Xbox, PS3, and PC respectively to exit the computer.

After following the waypoint, exit the car and enter the building. Then after the cutscene, exit the building, turn left and chase him with the car spawned in front of you.

Press LMB, LB, or L1 on PC, Xbox, or PS3, respectively, to start shooting while inside the car. After causing enough damage to his car, it will catch fire, and Lyle will jump off. Run over him to kill him and end the mission. If his car catches fire on a narrow road, he won’t be able to jump off and will die in the explosion.


  • The chase in this mission is scripted up until the player reaches Bohan.
  • Lyle does not leave the alleyway until the player leaves the building.
  • Lyle’s car does not spawn until after the cutscene. If the player parks the Police Cruiser in the alleyway, it will be moved to the street after the cutscene.

Video walkthrough: