GTA Guide

Rigged to Blow

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Mikhail Faustin
Unlocks The Master and the Molotov, Search and Delete
Unlocked by No Love Lost, Logging On
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • $700
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Truck has been destroyed
  • Truck has been abandoned

After the cutscene, take a car and go to the place where the truck is stationed.

Enter the truck. Another cutscene will occur. After that, take the truck and go to the garage to plant the bomb. The bomb, however, is sensitive. If you crash the truck too many times, the bomb will explode.

Note that the sides of the truck don’t affect the bomb. So if you use the sides of the truck to ram or move vehicles beside you, it won’t affect the bomb, and you will be safe. If you crash the front of the truck then the bomb will start to tick.

When you reach the toll on the bridge, you can either slow down and pay the toll or get a wanted level and escape. Note that the traffic is deliberately increased in these missions to annoy the player and force him to skip paying the toll. If you are a confident driver, skip the toll and go to the mission waypoint. You will get a call from Roman, which can be ignored.

Interestingly, you can enter the garage with a wanted level and trigger the bomb. Although, make sure that you escape the police as they can cause problems at times.

After you enter the garage, press E on PC, LB on Xbox, or L1 on PS3 to trigger the bomb. After the cutscene ends, run away from the place to end the mission. After it ends, you will get a call from Mikhail.


  • It’s the last mission from Mikhail Faustin.
  • If you don’t run away and stay there, then you will get a wanted level which will go away after you exit the mission radius.
  • The garage is permanently destroyed and it stays destroyed even in the DLCs.
  • The name of the mission indirectly refers to Mikhail’s anger.
  • Even though it’s Mikhail’s last mission, it doesn’t give his mission progress 100%. Instead, the following missions given by Dimitri complete his progress.
  • There’s a similar mission called Rigged To Blow in Grand Theft Auto III.

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