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Mike Lips Last Lunch

Walkthrough of the First Joey’s Mission

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Joey Leone
Unlocks Farewell “Chunky” Lee Chong
Unlocked by Drive Misty For Me
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • $10,000
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Idaho destroyed
  • Time runs out

In this mission, you need to steal Mike Forelli’s car, equip it with a bomb and bring it back to the parking lot, as if nothing happened. You will have 6 minutes to do it.

Go to the bistro and get in the marked Idaho. Drive to the 8-Ball’s garage, it’s marked on the radar with a black ball with the number “8”. You don’t need to hurry, it’s close. Stay away from other cars, because drivers in GTA III sometimes make unpredictable and dangerous maneuvers.

If you damage the car, it will need to be taken to Pay’n’Spray. And in this case, you will lose much more time than if you will drive slowly. But if you damaged the car, first visit the 8-Ball’s garage, and then drive to Pay’n’Spray. You’ll need to repair the car at your own expense, of course.

As you get to the 8-Ball’s garage, gently drive the car inside and it will be equipped with a bomb.

Drive the car back to the bistro and park it as it was before. Activate the bomb by pressing the fire button, exit the car and go away. Mike will leave the bistro and after starting his car, he will be killed by an explosion and the mission will be completed.

Video walkthrough:

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