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Early Access to the 2nd and 3rd islands in GTA III

How to get to Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale at the Beginning of the Game

Spoiler Alert

You can get to Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale right at the beginning of the game, without cheating, mods, and bugs. Hideouts on them will be fully functional — you can save the game and cars in the garages.

To get to Staunton Island, you need to jump from one half of the destroyed Callahan bridge to another. This jump requires caution, but it’s pretty simple. Next, you need to run to the end of the bridge and you will find the Staunton Island living a normal life. To go back, you can also jump over the break in the Callahan bridge, or steal a boat from the pier next to Asuka’s condo and reach the pier at Callahan Point.

To get to Shoreside Vale, use the Porter tunnel or the subway. You can go back the same way, or use a Dodo. Note that if Staunton Island is already available, and Shoreside Vale is not yet, the Porter tunnel will be closed.

Why do This

You can collect all the hidden packages right at the beginning of the game. Next to each hideout will be all the weapons, except the flamethrower, as well as body armor. In addition, the collection of all 100 packages is rewarded with one million dollars.

On Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale, you can pick up weapons that you can’t get in Portland, for example, a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle.

You can fulfill the vigilante and firefighter missions at the beginning of the game. This will give six police bribes and a flamethrower next to each hideout respectively.

Only on Shoreside Vale, you can get Dodo.

How to Collect 32nd Hidden Package in the Beginning of the Game

Go to Staunton Island, go down to the subway, then to the station in Portland and pick up the package.

How to Collect 69th Hidden Package in the Beginning of the Game

Head to the airport, get the Dodo and land it on the raised part of the drawbridge. Don’t gain altitude too quickly, better make a detour. You need to land so that Claude can get out on the concrete road separator. If it didn’t work out, you need to turn the plane over and jump from it to the road separator.

How to fly a Dodo:

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