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Dispatch IV

Walkthrough of the Fourth Martin’s Dispatch Mission

  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Martin Madrazo
Players 2–4
Required level 1
  • GTA$ & RP, the exact amount depends on several factors
  • 15 JP
  • The team ran out of lives

Your task is to get to the recycling plant, assassinate the target and then escape. The main attention in the article is given to the stealth walkthrough by two players.

You can perform this mission quiet or loud, but stealth in it works pretty strangely. On the one hand, the enemies don’t notice you almost at point-blank range. On the other, alarm often rises for no reason.

Quiet Way

There is a hypothetical possibility to enter the plant, assassinate the target and then leave without raising the alarm. We couldn’t do it because of the strange algorithm of detection of the players. The enemies were noticing our presence at random moments, although we didn’t give any reasons for this. Perhaps you will be luckier.

You need suppressed weapons in order to use stealth.

Head to the plant and stop at a considerable distance from the western entrance. Most enemies are grouped by two, so you need to shoot both in about a second, otherwise, the alarm will rise. Voice communication with the other players will be very handy.

The Vagos are less vigilant than the Merryweather soldiers in “Dispatch II”, but the principle of stealth is the same — stay clear of their lines of sight and don’t make noise.

So, shoot two enemies behind the fence, two around the car and one more, standing next to the entrance to the building.

Go inside, go up the stairs and shoot the next enemy. There are four enemies in the next room, shoot them in pairs.

In the next corridor are two enemies, they also need to be shot fast. The target can be eliminated directly from this corridor, or you can move forward and shoot three more Vagos.

If the enemies already noticed your presence, some new gangsters await you outside. Eliminate those of them who prevent you from escape, then get in any car and drive away from the plant. The mission will be completed when you’ll go far enough.

Loud Way

There are not so many differences from the quiet way and it’s better to be not too noticeable. If you perform this mission by two players, go through the western entrance.

If there are three or four of you, you can split up and go through both entrances. In this case, the target will have fewer chances to escape from the plant. Note that the path through the southern entrance is a bit more difficult.

Video walkthrough:

The mission accomplished on hard difficulty by two players. Thanks to Eugene for help.

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