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#WARSTOCK Video Contest Winner

#WARSTOCK Video Contest Winner

#WARSTOCK Special Vehicles Rockstar Editor Video Contest Winner

Warstock Cache and Carry called out to Los Santos’ greatest filmmakers to help showcase their new inventory of Special Vehicles, and to no surprise, the Rockstar Editor community delivered the goods. The bar for creativity and the penchant for carnage both reached new heights, with many of you pulling off stunts that previously seemed unimaginable. Congratulations to Welwelkouill for winning the grand prize with “IMPORT—EXPORT”. Aside from etching their name in the annals of Rockstar Editor contests, Wel will receive the customized Director’s Chair, the highly coveted GTA V Varsity Jacket complete with a Director’s patch and the illustrious Rockstar Editor trophy.


The art of the music video is a tough one to master, but Welwelkouill hits all the right notes in this bombastic Special Vehicles montage set to the Welcome to Los Santos track “Fast Life”. The dancehall jam proves just the right pick for this over-the-top Los Santos tour, complete with adrenaline-filled Voltic drag races, Ramp Buggys and Phantom Wedges serving as high-octane launch pads with some truly awesomely edited action sequences. Topped off with flashy clothes, fast cars and death-defying stunts, IMPORT-EXPORT deservedly takes the top spot.


Our two runner ups, BloodLust180 and jKashh, will each receive a $100 Rockstar Warehouse gift card and deluxe prize pack with official GTA V gear and collectibles.

Love is a dangerous drug and BloodLust180 risks life and limb to get her fix. In this explosive revenge thriller, BloodLust savages through waves of masked mad men in a race to save a kidnapped lover. The chase flows from the seas through the deserts as this previously acclaimed editor eviscerates foes from behind the wheel of a Ruiner 2000.

jKashh and The BadWolf Council Crew may be dressed to the nines, but their antics are straight up dirty in this funk-infused adventure powered by B.T. Express’ “Do It (’Til You’re Satisfied)”. Packed with slick transitions and scenes worthy of Vinewood blockbusters, jKashh and company outdid themselves with this one.

Honorable Mentions:

While we can only award three entries, we’d be remiss if we didn’t show some love to a couple of other honorable mentions:

REDEMPTION by Jaymz_Death
After a failed escape attempt, Jaymz_Death and his car stealing partner in crime are given an ultimatum: rot in prison or complete a dangerous task for a billionaire megalomaniac. Take a stab at which option they chose.

This femme fatale has got a thirst for mayhem and a bevy of Special Vehicles to help her dish out some pain.

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