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Vapid Hustler

Vapid Hustler

Valentine’s Discounts & More

The new Vapid Hustler now available in GTA Online. You can buy it at Legendary Motorsport for $625,000.


Through February 19th you’ll get double GTA$ & RP in Till Death Do Us Part, Slasher, Resurrection, Deadline and Lost vs. Damned modes. And share the love this Valentine’s Day with Double GTA$ Bodyguard & Associates Salaries for your Organization members.

Discounts on Vehicles, Clothing, Weapons, & Properties

If you missed your chance last year, take advantage of 25% off the Gusenberg Sweeper and add a vintage SMG to your armory.

Through February 19th there also will be the following discounts:

Vehicle Discounts:

  • Albany Roosevelt — 25% off;
  • Albany Roosevelt Valor — 25% off;
  • HVY Barrage — 35% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price);
  • Nagasaki Shotaro — 25% off (available for purchase after completing a round of Deadline);
  • RCV — 35% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price);
  • Ocelot Stromberg — 25% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price);
  • Nagasaki Buzzard — 25% off.

Dynasty8 Discounts:

  • All 10-car Properties — 25% off;
  • Executive Offices — 25% off.

Clothing and Accessories Discounts:

  • All Valentine’s clothing — 25% off;
  • Doomsday Heist Tattoos — 25% off;
  • Smuggler’s Run clothing — 25% off.

There’s also a 25% discount on Executive Assistant Services and 25% off a custom Upgrade at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

GTA$ Gift Coming Soon

Jump into GTA Online starting Friday, February 16th to claim a GTA$ award in March. More details coming Friday.

Race Schedule, February 13th–19th:

  • premium stunt race “Turbine” (Off-Road);
  • time trial “LSIA”.

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