GTA Guide

The Vysser Neo Sports Car

Plus Casino Mission Bonuses, Diamond Vintage Tee and More

The Vysser Neo sports car now available in GTA Online. You can buy it at Legendary Motorsport for $1,875,000.


Casino Story Missions are paying out Double Rewards this week.

Free T-Shirt

Log in to GTA Online before August 7 to collect The Diamond Vintage Tee, free of charge.

Casino Store Additions

The rotating selection of clothing and artwork at the Diamond Casino Store sees a litany of new items this week — including new sculptures for your floors and surfaces, wall art, and clothing items like the Knit High Roller Jacket and the Gold Kronos Tempo Watch.


  • Up-n-Atomizer — 30% off;
  • Unholy Hellbringer — 30% off;
  • Widowmaker — 30% off;
  • Grotti X80 Proto — 30% off;
  • Vapid FMJ — 30% off;
  • Shitzhu Hakuchou Drag — 40% off.