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“LOCK AND LOAD” by SocialOfficer

“LOCK AND LOAD” by SocialOfficer

The #GUNRUNNING Rockstar Video Editor Contest Winner

It’s time to honor the Rockstar Editor filmmakers who rose to the challenge in capturing the illicit and explosive dealings of this summer’s Gunrunning action. Congratulations to SocialOfficer, who will be taking home the elusive Rockstar Editor Trophy, customized Director’s Chair and the coveted GTAV Varsity Jacket with customized Director’s Patch, thanks to their Grand Prize winning entry “LOCK AND LOAD”.

Check out all of the chosen videos below, and look for the announcement of our #SMUGGLERS Rockstar Editor contest very soon…


SocialOfficer portrays seemingly every little bit of Gunrunning action to compose four minutes of non-stop thrills that could serve as a veritable alternative trailer for the update. There’s glorious adrenaline-pumping action shots captured from M.O.C. Missions like Data Breach, Work Dispute and Severe Weather Patterns, along with cameos from Research Technicians, Workshops, burly new Mk II weapons, Weaponized Vehicles and much more. An action montage this carefully shot and composed is a feat in and of itself — but it’s the perfectly selected soundtrack of “Lock & Load” (by MNDR featuring Killer Mike from the Welcome to Los Santos soundtrack) that it was impeccably edited to that helps push this piece to unique dramatic heights.


Our two runner ups, ii_sNipezZ01 and The-DST, will each receive a $100 Rockstar Warehouse gift card and deluxe prize pack with official GTAV gear and collectibles for their stellar efforts.

And now for something completely different, ii_sNipezZ01 uses the action of Gunrunning as a backdrop to tell the heartbreaking story of Vespa — a military wife who believes her husband was killed in action. Following Vespa as she struggles to cope with the seeming loss of her husband, it may not be the feel good hit of the season, but it’s a truly well-made and edited piece that is unique and worthy of recognition.

Having earned an honorable mention in the #WARSTOCK Special Vehicles Editor contest, this time around The-DST levels up and dials up the insanity to 11 with a driving soundtrack that compliments everything from Bunker target practice to the considerable destruction caused at the hands of the Weaponized Tampa, Insurgent Pick-Up Custom and other militarized vehicles.

Honorable Mentions:

A special shout out as well to these superb quality entries that caught our eye:

BRAND NEW REVOLUTION by senorkickurass
senorkickurass takes a funkified approach in this effort with unique angles, sexy Dune shots and a shot with extraterrestrial vibes certain to put you over the moon.

Gunrunning Strong by ShredderGG
Relive the most heart-pounding moments of Gunrunning Missions through the eyes of ShredderGG, with some magnificent shots.

Not the Same by SNEAKEE_P
Tough as nails female bosses rule the land in this entry from BUCKET-HAT-HittaGaNG Commissioner SNEAKEE_P.

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