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The Black Madonna, Terrorbyte & Oppressor MK II

The Black Madonna, Terrorbyte & Oppressor MK II

Plus New Client Jobs & More

The Black Madonna is available for hire and ready to step up as resident DJs in your Nightclub. Also, the Oppressor MK II and the Terrorbyte are now available on Warstock Cache & Carry.

And don’t forget to check out all of the latest sets from Solomun, Tale Of Us and Dixon on Los Santos Underground Radio.

Six New Client Jobs

Launch encrypted client requests on the go from the touchscreen terminal of your Terrorbyte’s Nerve Center and seize opportunities as they develop.

Vehicle & Customisation Discounts — 30% Off

  • BF Dune FAV;
  • HVY APC;
  • Pfister Neon;
  • Annis RE-7B;
  • Armor Plating (Speedo Custom, Mule Custom & Pounder Custom);
  • Countermeasures;
  • Bombs;
  • Liveries;
  • Engines;
  • Aircraft & Land Vehicle Weapons.

Property & Renovations Discounts — 25% Off

  • Hangars;
  • Hangar Renovations;
  • Hangar Workshop;
  • Executive Offices;
  • Executive Office Renovations;
  • Executive Office Garages;
  • Executive Office Garage Renovations;
  • Custom Auto Shop;
  • Special Cargo Warehouses;
  • Biker Clubhouses;
  • Biker Clubhouse Renovations;
  • Custom Bike Shop;
  • Biker Businesses;
  • Bunkers;
  • Bunker Renovations.