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Tale of Us Residency & Los Santos Underground Radio Now Available

Tale of Us Residency & Los Santos Underground Radio Now Available

Plus New Enus Stafford and Blimp, Guest List Rewards & More

Tale of Us, Italy’s finest purveyors of lush and melodic techno, are available for hire and ready to step up as resident DJs in your Nightclub. It costs GTA$100,000 and requires performing of a special mission. After that, you can hire Solomun again for GTA$10,000.

Also, the new radio station Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR) began broadcasting. The ether sounds Solomun’s set, in the future will be added sets of other DJs.

New Vehicles

Enus Stafford (GTA$1,272,000) and Blimp (GTA$895,000—1,190,350).

Exclusive Guest List Rewards and the Studio Los Santos T-Shirt for Everyone

This week, Guest List Members will get a GTA$100,000 cash bonus, the exclusive Galaxy & Los Santos Underground Radio T-Shirts, and also exclusive Oh Enus! Livery for the Enus Stafford, and the Sessanta Nove Multi-Color and Pink & Green Camo Liveries for the Mammoth Patriot Stretch.

And everyone who log in through August 6th will get the Studio Los Santos T-Shirt.

25% Off the Following Select Properties, Add-Ons & Renovations

  • Hangars;
  • Hangar Renovations;
  • Hangar Workshop;
  • Executive Offices;
  • Executive Office Renovations;
  • Executive Garages;
  • Executive Garage Renovations;
  • Custom Auto Shop;
  • Special Cargo Warehouses;
  • Biker Clubhouses;
  • Clubhouse Renovations;
  • Custom Bike Shop;
  • Biker Businesses;
  • Bunkers;
  • Bunker Renovations.

A Lost Relic Resurfaces

The return of a lost relic from the old frontier is on the horizon. Keep a lookout for the first clue to unlocking this unique totem later this week.

Race Schedule, July 31st – August 6th:

  • premium stunt race “Spindrift” (locked to Ocelot Stromberg);
  • time trial “Vinewood Bowl”.