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Pegassi Torero Now Available

Pegassi Torero Now Available

Plus New Power Mad Adversary Mode, Gunrunning Bonuses & More

New Vehicle: Pegassi Torero

Straight out of a fever dream and into your garage, the Pegassi Torero is now available in GTA Online. One for the collectors, the Torero is a sleek, scissor-doored classic that reflects Pegassi’s time-honored tradition of balls-to-the-wall design twinned with bone-splintering performance. And with 25% off Engine Upgrades through July 31st, you can start your midlife crisis off proper when you pick up this Sports Classic at Legendary Motorsport today.

New Adversary Mode: Power Mad

Squad up and fight for the right to control the minigun-toting Juggernaut in Power Mad, the latest Adversary Mode to hit GTA Online. In Power Mad, teams of two to four players fight for possession of the vital Juggernaut power-up, which turns its wielder into a heavily armored menace with one main objective: stay alive long enough to fill the meter and score a point. If the Juggernaut dies before filling the meter, the power-up is dropped and ready for a new would-be king to try their luck.

Lay waste to the competition and earn Double GTA$ & RP in Power Mad now through July 31st.

Bunker Research Boost, Blowout Ammu-Nation Sale & More

Your Bunker Research Technicians are working overtime this week, boosting Research speeds by 25% to help you get your hands on Gunrunning’s weapon attachments, Weaponized Vehicle upgrades and more.

Take advantage of faster Research and faster unlocks with 25% off the Weapon and Vehicle Workshop modules for your Mobile Operations Center through July 31st.

With the arms trade thriving across the state, Ammu-Nation is looking to shift some overstock with a huge sale on dozens of weapons, from the Combat MG to the Heavy Sniper. Expand your arsenal with 25% off the following weapon classes:

  • ALL Handguns;
  • ALL Machine Guns (including Submachine Guns);
  • ALL Assault Rifles;
  • ALL Sniper Rifles.

And speed demons running guns across Southern San Andreas can also upgrade their fleet of getaway vehicles with 25% off Engine Upgrades.

Premium Race & Time Trial Schedule

Compete for extra GTA$ & RP in the following Premium Race & Time Trial events from July 25th — July 31st:

  • Premium Race — “Trench III” (Locked to Bikes);
  • Time Trial — “Cypress Flats”.

Premium Races can be launched through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. Finish in the top three and earn a nice chunk of GTA$, and receive Triple RP just for taking part. To try your hand at Time Trials, simply set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you’ll be rewarded with sizable GTA$ & RP payouts.