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P-45 Nokota Fighter Plane

P-45 Nokota Fighter Plane

Plus New Dogfight Mode, Discounts and More in GTA Online

The P-45 Nokota is a throwback to the glory days of flight. You won’t find any touchscreens or A.I. mumbo jumbo in this baby — it’s time to show these youngsters what happens when an old dog learns new tricks. Pick up your P-45 Nokota today, exclusively from Warstock Cache & Carry.

New Mode: Dogfight

This is it — your moment to shine. Glory awaits and the only thing standing between you and victory is the mouth breather in the cockpit at the opposite end of the runway. Send the opposition spiraling to their doom in a series of 1v1 dogfights to rack up points for your team and bring home the win for your squad. And don’t bother checking your six: if they’re behind you, you’re already dead. Earn Double GTA$ & RP in Dogfight now through November 13th.

Discounts For All

There’s a little something for everyone this week with Dynasty 8 providing sweet savings to trailblazing executives and a host of other discounts designed to help you dominate the opposition in style. Grab 25% off everything listed below through November 13th:

Dynasty 8:

  • 25% off Executive Office Renovations;
  • 25% off Executive Garage Renovations;
  • 25% off Executive Custom Auto Shop Renovations.


  • 25% off Body Armor;
  • 25% off Ammo.

Vehicle & Customization Savings:

  • 25% off the Pegassi Torero (Sports Classic);
  • 25% off the Dune FAV (Weaponized Vehicle — both Buy It Now & Trade Price);
  • 25% off Liveries (all vehicles);
  • 25% off Bullet proof tires;
  • 25% off Vehicle armor (land vehicles & aircraft).

And if you’re happy to let the liquored-up artists at InkInc. or Blazing Tattoos go at you with a needle, there’s also 25% off all Smuggler’s Run Tattoos.

Premium Race & Time Trial Schedule

November 7th — 13th:

  • Premium Stunt Race — “Vinewood Downhill” (Locked to Bikes);
  • Time Trial — “Great Ocean Highway”.

Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. The top three finishers will earn GTA$ and you’ll get Triple RP regardless of where you place. To take a shot at the Time Trial, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you’ll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP.

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