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GTA Online: After Hours Out Now

GTA Online: After Hours Out Now

Announced a week earlier, the After Hours DLC is available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Its size exceeds 5 GB.

In addition to nightclubs, new vehicles have been added to the game, and in the source code, there is mention of an alien invasion. Also, in the foreseeable future, a new RDR2-related quest is expected, as it was in the winter with the double-action revolver.

Guest List Exclusives

The Maisonette Los Santos Tee and a bonus of GTA$350,000 are now available to qualifying Guest List members who logged in between June 25th and July 2nd.


Properties — 25% off:

  • Hangars & Renovations;
  • Hangar Workshop;
  • Executive Offices & Renovations;
  • Executive Garages & Renovations;
  • Custom Auto Shop;
  • Special Cargo Warehouses;
  • Biker Clubhouses & Renovations;
  • Custom Bike Shop;
  • Biker Businesses;
  • Bunkers & Renovations.

Vehicles — 40% off:

  • Maibatsu Mule Custom;
  • MTL Pounder Custom;
  • Armor Upgrades on both vehicles and your club’s included Vapid Speedo Custom.

Race Schedule, July 17th–23rd:

  • premium stunt race “Canyon Crossing” (locked to super);
  • time trial “Calafia Way”.