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Celebrate 4 Years of GTA Online

Celebrate 4 Years of GTA Online

Halloween Specials, GTA$400K Giveaway and More

In honor of four years of GTA Online this month, we’ve got a special GTA$400,000 gift for all players who log in to GTA Online on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC, along with a considerable collection of celebratory 2x GTA$ & RP opportunities and discounts; read on for details. Plus check out what’s new this week in-game, including the menacing Vigilante and a new Transform Race to put it to the test, the haunting Condemned Adversary Mode, a complimentary trio of horror movie t-shirts and more…

New Vehicle: Vigilante

Introducing the Vigilante, the ultimate instrument of vengeance. Equipped with rocket propulsion technology and front-mounted machine guns (with room for a missile upgrade), the Vigilante will strike fear and provide swift justice to those who come for your throne. Impose order on the streets of Los Santos with the Vigilante, available exclusively from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Get a taste of the Vigilante’s automotive prowess in the haunting new Transform Race, Inferno. Soar through a hellish landscape in the Ultralight, transform into the Beast and leap through a burning wilderness, then rip through the streets in the Vigilante — and earn double payouts as all Transform Races continue to serve up Double GTA$ & RP through October 30th.

New Adversary Mode: Condemned

There’s a dead man walking in Los Santos, and it could easily be you. Just in time for Halloween, the nightmarish Adversary Mode Condemned marks one unlucky player for imminent death: when the timer runs out, they’re worm food. Their only hope is to pass the bad news onto somebody else, and the only way to do that is by sending them on a short trip to a shallow grave. Last man standing wins. Earn Double GTA$ & RP in Condemned now through November 6th.

Keeping the earnings going, Smuggler’s Sell Missions will also provide Double GTA$ & RP payouts to all participants through the 6th. And for the loyal associates who risk life and limb to execute your devilish deeds, Double GTA$ Salary payouts.

Ring in Four Years of GTA Online With Log-In Rewards, Discounts and More

To celebrate four years of Southern San Andreas mayhem, we’re offering up a few treats to any and all players who log in to GTA Online at any point through November 6th. Anyone who plays during the period will receive a GTA$400,000 award that will be deposited in their Maze Bank account between November 6th and 13th.

For costumed crazies roaming the streets in preparation for Halloween, not only are Halloween Masks and Facepaint you know and love returning to Los Santos at a 25% discount, but we’re slashing 25% off the Fränken Stange, the Lurcher and the demonic LCC Sanctus, all returning as well. On top of these ghoulish tricks and treats, all players will also be gifted a trio of classic in-game horror film t-shirts for logging in: the Cheerleader Massacre 3 T-Shirt, the Vinewood Zombie T-Shirt, and the Knife After Dark T-Shirt.

And as part of the four year GTA Online celebration, there is also an outrageous selection of items on discount this weekend — everything from properties like Hangars, Biker Clubhouses, Bunkers and Vehicle Warehouses — to select Super cars, motorcycles like the Shotaro (remember to play Deadline to unlock this bike!), Special Vehicles and Weaponized Vehicles, are on sale through October 30th.


  • All Hangars — 30% off;
  • All Bunkers — 30% off;
  • All Biker Clubhouses — 30% off;
  • All Vehicle Warehouses — 30% off.

Special & Weaponized Vehicles:

  • Weaponized Tampa (both prices) — 30% off;
  • Half-Track (both prices) — 30% off;
  • Ramp Buggy (both prices) — 30% off;
  • Phantom Wedge (both prices) — 30% off;
  • Ruiner 2000 (both prices) — 30% off.

Cars, Motorcycles & Aircraft:

  • Vapid Retinue — 30% off;
  • Hijack Ruston — 30% off;
  • Pegassi Infernus Classic — 30% off;
  • Pegassi Vortex — 30% off;
  • Nagasaki Shotaro — 30% off;
  • Declasse Tornado Rat Rod — 30% off;
  • Ocelot Penetrator — 30% off;
  • Banshee 900R upgrade — 30% off;
  • V-65 Molotok (both prices) — 30% off.

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