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Biker Bonuses, Vehicle Discounts and More

Biker Bonuses, Vehicle Discounts and More

This Week in GTA Online

Starting today, it’s ride or die for the MCs of Los Santos with money-making opportunities and discounts to help you get a leg up over your rivals. We’re also keeping the points based racing competition sharp with extended bonuses on Tiny Racers & more, so be sure to read on for the full rundown below.

Biker Discounts and Double GTA$ & RP on Clubhouse Contracts

Through May 15th, Motorcycle Clubs of Los Santos will benefit from a GTA$ & RP boost when running Clubhouse Contracts — you can find and launch these lucrative missions from the meeting room in your Clubhouse. If you’re a budding entrepreneur with an affinity for leather and yet to set up your MC, we’ve got you covered with a 25% discount on:

  • Biker Clubhouses;
  • Biker Clubhouse Customizations;
  • Biker Business Properties.

25% Off Select Vehicles

Whether you’re looking to expand your vehicle collection or diversify your airborne portfolio, grab a 25% discount on the following fan-favorite:

  • Nagasaki Shotaro;
  • Progen T20;
  • Western Company Annihilator;
  • Nagasaki Buzzard;
  • Karin Technical (both prices);
  • Vapid Desert Raid;
  • Vapid Trophy Truck.

Discounts on Weapons, Ammo & Armor

Beef up your personal armory and protect your neck with a 25% discount on:

  • Vehicle Armor;
  • Bullet Proof Tires;
  • Body Armor;
  • Explosive Ammo (including throwables);
  • Rocket Launchers;
  • Grenade Launchers.

Extended Bonuses

Keep the cash flowing by jumping into GTA Online today for a 25% increased payout on Special Cargo Deliveries (thru May 15th) and Double GTA$ & RP on Tiny Racers (thru May 8th).

And thanks to everyone who played last week from 4/25 through 4/30, keep an eye on your Maze Bank account to see your Tax Refund arrive within a week.

Premium Race & Time Trial Schedule

Take in the great array of beauty San Andreas has to offer at a fast pace with this week’s Premium Special Vehicle Race. From May 2nd — 8th, hop, speed and glide through «Damned», a versatile Point to Point locked to the Ruiner 2000.

Premium Races can be launched through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or by way of the yellow corona at Legion Square. Top three finishers are rewarded big GTA$ payouts but, even if you find yourself at the back of the pack, you’ll receive Triple RP just for making the effort.

This week’s Time Trial course is «Power Station», also from May 2nd — 8th. Look for the Time Trials marker on your in-game map and beat the par time to earn GTA$ & RP.