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Drug Shootout

Walkthrough of the Random Event in Grand Theft Auto V

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
Protagonist Trevor
Unlocked by Complications, Pulling Favors, or A Starlet in Vinewood
  • Up to $70,000
  • Wasted
  • Busted

The event takes place on a secluded ranch located next to Mount Chiliad in the East. Unlike other events, this one is marked on the map by a marijuana icon rather than a red or blue dot.

On the ranch, you’ll encounter several gangsters guarding a money suitcase in a barn. They are pretty dangerous, so it’s best to eliminate them all before taking the suitcase. There can be from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars in it.

Initially, this event was repeating once a week, but, at the moment, it can be completed only once. It’s due to one of the patches fixing a bug regarding money suitcases in general.

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