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Up-n-Atomizer in GTA Online

Up-n-Atomizer in GTA Online

The Up-n-Atomizer is a hidden weapon in GTA Online which was added to the game as part of the Festive Surprise 2018. It became available for all players who logged in GTA Online on December 25, 2018. In addition, this gun could be obtained by winning a special business battle from December 21 to December 31, 2018. In this case, the Up-n-Atomizer was in a special New Year livery.

Its design reminds futuristic blasters as they were illustrated in the middle of the XX century, as well as the ElectroGun from GTA 2. When fired, the Up-n-Atomizer creates a gravitational wave, throwing objects and people away and causing minor damage.

This weapon doesn’t require ammunition, but there are pretty long recharge between shots. In this aspect, everything is similar to the Stun Gun.

Up-n-Atomizer has become available at Ammu-Nation for GTA$399,000. There are no modifications, except for 6 tints, in addition to the standard blue. Festive tint cannot be purchased.

Class handgun
Type ray gun
Fire rate
Clip size infinite
Drive-by shooting no
Price GTA$399,000
Appearance GTA Online only
Spawns on the map no


Upgrade Price
Blue tint default
Purple tint GTA$5250
Green tint GTA$5250
Orange tint GTA$5500
Pink tint GTA$7500
Gold tint GTA$10000
Platinum tint GTA$12500
Festive tint not for sale

How to Unlock the Up-n-Atomizer With the Festive Tint in a Business Battle

Wait until a business battle with the Event Cargo goods type start. This is a regular business battle, but as a reward you get festive clothes or the Up-n-Atomizer with the Festive Tint, it’s a random chance.

Only one crate is required to get the unlock, so you can blow up a delivery vehicle to get two separate crates — one for you and one for another player. Both crates give the same unlocks.

Up-n-Atomizer in action:

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