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Bleed Out

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Roman Bellic
Unlocks Easy Fare, ability to hang out with Roman
Unlocked by Three’s a Crowd
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • $50
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Roman died
  • Roman’s Taxi is destroyed
  • Dardan got away
  • Roman is abandoned

You get a call from Roman, after which you have to go near the “R” symbol which triggers the mission at a basketball court. After reaching the court, you have to beat up both the guys. Also, you can hit them with your car or shoot them if you have a gun.

After beating them up and saving Roman, you have to chase the guy who tries to get away in a car.

After the chase is complete, he tries to get away on foot, and you have to chase him again. After that, he tries to kill you with a knife, and you have to stop him and kill him instead.

After you successfully kill him, you have to go back to Roman and take him back to his depot.


  • If the player abandons Roman’s Taxi it will trigger a cutscene of Niko and Roman getting off a Bus.

Video walkthrough: