GTA Guide

Best Tips Before Starting GTA IV

If this is the first time you picked up or are planning on playing GTA 4, then there are some tips you should know before beginning your journey.

Don’t worry, this guide is totally spoiler-free and gives you a better understanding of the game which will make your experience better overall.

Customize Your Controls

This is by far one of the most skipped tip new players do. If you come from GTA 5, then some controls are significantly different from it.

The very few being the default aiming layout in GTA 4 being “Complex” while in GTA 5 it’s “Simple” by default.

Also if your mouse happens to have two or more extra buttons in the side then set “Cellphone up” to one of them, it hugely decreases the irritation in bringing it up and closing it.

Money is not Important

Unlike previous GTAs and more like GTA 3, GTA 4 doesn’t emphasise on money. There isn’t much to do with money other than buy guns, some clothes and taxi. So if you were hoping of building an empire then you can forget that.

GTA 4 delivers a very tailored and linear story in an open world which makes it unique over other GTAs. So don’t worry about that cash as in the end of the game you will have lot more money than you’ll need or will ever be able to spend.

Some Missions are Available for a Limited Part of the Story

Some missions unlike other games are available only for a certain time in the until you don’t move forward in the story. Even though they won’t affect the story much and won’t stop you from 100% completion it’s still good to know they exist.

GTA 4 is a Semi-RPG Game

During some missions, you can chose to save somebody and your choices affect the storyline. So be wise.

Always Build and Maintain Good Friendship

Whenever one of your friends call you try to accept and go out with them. This is necessary for 100% game completion and also gives you some in-depth character development dialogues.

Some characters also have some special abilities which can help you during fights and fast travel to unlock you have to go out with them.