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Silence the Sneak

Walkthrough of the First Ray’s Mission

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  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Ray Machowski
Unlocks Arms Shortage
Unlocked by Payday for Ray
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • $30,000
  • Busted
  • Wasted
  • McAffrey escapes

For this mission, it’s desirable to have a truck or a bus. Go to the marked point and watch a short cutscene. In it, you’ll see a window into which you need to throw a grenade.

First of all, block an exit from the yard or the garage door with a car. In the first case, it’s easier to eliminate the target. In the second one, the guards that protecting the target will not be able to wound you.

When you finish the preparations, throw a grenade into the window.

If you blocked the exit from the yard, throw a grenade into the garage to neutralize the guards. Then throw a grenade to the exit from the yard through which the victim tries to escape. If McAffrey will survive the explosion of the car and will try to escape, kill him in any convenient way.

If you blocked the exit from the garage, throw grenades into it until you see the message of the completion of the mission. If it’s difficult to throw grenades directly into the garage, try to throw them as close as possible to the exit from it.

Video walkthrough:

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