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Kanbu Bust-Out

Walkthrough of the First Kenji’s Mission

Spoiler Alert
  • Information
  • Rewards
  • Conditions of Failure
For Kenji Kasen
Unlocks Grand Theft Auto
Unlocked by Under Surveillance
Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes
  • $30,000
  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Kanbu dies

First of all, you need to steal a cop car. It can usually be found near the police station nearby. Steal it, rig with a bomb and then park inside the blue marker near the police station. Arm the bomb and step aside. An explosion will wreck the wall and Kanbu will be free.

Now you need to lose the cops. Steal a police van and pick up three police bribes shown in the screenshots below.

When you get rid of the wanted level, drive Kanbu to the Yakuza dojo and the mission will be completed. You can also deliver the Enforcer for export to Portland Docks if you didn’t do it previously.

Video walkthrough:

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