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Steal 5/10/20 Vehicles

Daily Challenge in GTA Online

In this case, stealing is an action when you get behind the wheel of other’s vehicle, i.e. not bought or stolen by you before. To ensure that a vehicle is counted, wait until its name will display on the screen. After that, you can leave the vehicle because you don’t need to deliver it anywhere.

To complete this daily challenge, you need to steal five, ten, or twenty vehicles. You can see the current progress in the Interaction Menu. There’s also will be a message about the completion of the challenge on the screen when you’ll steal enough vehicles. Сars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats and everything else that can be controlled by the player are counted.

The best place to perform this challenge is the Los Santos International Airport. Right after the entrance to the airfield, several cars are always parked, as well as planes and helicopters nearby. Here, unlike other places, you will not attract police attention. If necessary, go for a significant distance from this place, then go back and there will be new cars and aircraft.

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